Wanky Startups


"Connects users to experts in a beautiful chat experience" they claim. Which really means they'll join a channel on the subject of your choosing on IRC and spam the denizens, presumably charging you somewhat more than the $30 they promise the "expert" victim:

[18:06] dal0 hi there! sorry to dm. would you like to talk about the america's cup for $30? we will pay you after the chat

[18:06] dal0 https://www.heysphere.com/join?ahrid=158978312f904fb1a6d196e92a98f1df

[18:07] dal0 if you press the link, you'll be taken to someone who needs help discussing it, and you'll see instructions for payment afterwards

Poorly chosen experts too - whilst I'm very interested in cruising sailing, and follow the current Vendee Globe with some interest, I don't give a rats ass about the America's Cup.