Capturing another sailboat in Greece

Greece, Peleponnese, Sailing

We have to capture a boat that was dragging down on us with nobody aboard and get into a sticky situation.


The new adventures of Songbird - still Greece 2019

Greece, Peleponnese, Sailing

We're back with more adventures, giant spiders, underfunded coastguards and beautiful Greece.


Off to a Greek Summer 2019

Greece, Italy, Peleponnese, Sailing, Sicily

Finally escaping Licata, we fix some more stuff on the way and cross the sole of Italy over to Greece.


That Tunisia Trip

Catamaran, Sailing, Tunisia

We try catamaran sailing, get a taste of Tunisia and are intercepted at sea, forced to turn around and promptly fined for breaking the law.


Christmas 2018 in Lithuania

Family, Lithuania, Xmas

A two week interlude in the snow with many pictures.


Winter in Licata

Boat Maintenance, Licata, Sailing, Sicily, Winter

Having arrived at our winter berth in Licata, we dig into boat maintenance work, despite much rain and socializing.


Messina Strait and more

Licata, Messina, Portopalo, Ragusa, Sailing, Sicily, Siracusa, Taormina

We get flushed down the Messina Strait and make it around the rest of Sicily to our Winter berth, despite some rubbish weather.


Champagne flute holder

Boat, DIY, Tip

Quick boat hack: How to make a holder for fragile drinking glasses, such as champagne flutes or wine glasses.


Around Sicily

Egadi, Lipari, Sailing, Sicily

Sailing around Sicily and some active volcanoes.


Off to Sicily

Lightning, Sailing, Thunderstorm, Trapani, Waterspout

In this one, we get a very wrong forecast and sail through lightning and waterspouts before arriving at Sicily very tired, only to find no place to stop and sleep.


Milky crossing to unfriendly Sardinia

Police, Sailing, Sardinia

We have the calmest ocean passage ever but encounter unfriendly natives.


Summer in the Balearic Islands

Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Sailing

We arrive in our cruising destination for the summer, where we spend about six weeks enjoying the lovely waters of the Islas Baleares.


Denia and losing our anchor

Anchor, Denia, Sailing

We try to leave mainland Spain for the Baleares, but get stuck and have to abandon our anchor and chain.


Mar Menor and Alicante

Alicante, Mar Menor, Sailing

The little sea and the big city.


Up the Coast to Cartagena

Almerimar, Cartagena, Garrucha, Sailing

We stop at a dusty and desolate marina with yellow dragons before arriving at Cartagena.


Gale at Sea

Adra, Almerimar, Herradura, Motril, Sailing, Storm

Trapped in a gale with nowhere to go.


Up the Costa del Sol and into a Cave

Caleta de Velez, Cave, Duquesa, Fuengirola, Nerja, Sailing

We sail sideways across the strait of Gibraltar, discover why the pilot book recommends to skip the Costa del Sol and find a good reason to stop there anyways.


A Quick Hop to Africa

Africa, Ceuta, Gibraltar, Sailing, Spain

We cross the strait of Gibraltar southwards for a quick stop in Spanish Africa (Ceuta).


Maggi Aqua 7 high-tensile (Grade 70) anchor chain

Anchor, Anchoring, Boat Maintenance, Chain

A few words about our anchor gear and quick review on how it is doing after 2 seasons of use.


Monkey-Business on the Rock

Gibraltar, La Linea, Sailing

We explore Gibraltar, fix the boat and walk a lot.


The Strait of Gibraltar

Cadiz, Damage, Gibraltar, La Linea, Rota, Sailing, Tarifa

We ride the wind and current into the Mediterranean, but smash our boat into a wall upon arrival.


Cruising Again

Albufeira, Cadiz, Culatra, Portugal, Rota, Sailing, Spain

We get caught by a fisherman, anchor in a Regatta, leave Portugal, arrive in Spain too early and almost make it to Cadiz.


Spring Shakedown

Albufeira, Edvin, Portimao, Sailing

A much needed shakedown sail, where we break stuff, make new crew sick and find some fun anyways.


Snow Trips

Belfast, Eindhoven, Faro, Germany, Lithuania, Snow, Travel

We take a break from boat fixing to get stuffed in snowy lands.


Haulout in Albufeira

Albufeira, Boatyard, Haulout, Portugal, Repairs, Winter

We haul out in Albufeira and rush through two weeks of work in one.


Wintering in the Algarve

Albufeira, Algarve, Marina, Portugal, Sailing, Winter

Choosing a winter berth in the Algarve.


Coppercoat Part 3 - Results

Antifouling, Boat, Coppercoat, Refit

Tales from the Refit: How well did our DIY applied Coppercoat work?


Coppercoat Part 2 - Application Day

Antifouling, Boat, Coppercoat, Refit, Sanding

Tales from the Refit: DIY application of Coppercoat copper based antifouling on a 40 foot monohull. With just one person in one (long) day.


Coppercoat Part 1 - The Scrapening

Antifouling, Boat, Coppercoat, Refit, Sanding

Tales from the Refit: Stripping old Antifoul and preparing the hull for Coppercoat. This includes a lot of hand scraping, building shoulder muscles by holding a heavy sander over my head and finally applying fairing and primer.


Winter is coming

Albufeira, Culatra, Portimao, Sailing, Vilamoura, Winter

Heading back to Albufeira for winter, we carelessly ignored the radio beacon broadcasting a warning to stay away from Vilamoura. Oh, and some statistics at the end.


The Rio Guadiana Video

Jellyfish, Rio Guadiana, Sailing, Video, Vila Real de Santo António

Video of our Rio Guadiana exploration.


The Rio Guadiana

Alcoutim, Ayamonte, Rio Guadiana, Sailing, Sanlucar, Tavira, Vila Real de Santo António

We heave to at sea to hop in the water and unblock the toilet, then visit Tavira before exploring up and down the Rio Guadiana.


Algarve Exploration

Albufeira, Algarve, Alvor, Culatra, Lagos, Portimao, Sailing, Tavira

We explore the Algarve and suffer a culture shock.


Turning the Corner

Rio Tejo, Sagres, Sailing, Sesimbra, Sines

We exit the Rio Tejo, misunderstand a cargo ship, visit three anchorages starting with an S, turn the corner and solve an unexpected rudder problem.


Exploring Lisbon

Lisbon, Sailing

We explore Lisbon for a few days.


Cruising Portugal: Viana do Castelo to Lisboa

Aveiro, Berlenga, Cascais, Figueira da Foz, Leixoes, Lisboa, Nazare, Peniche, Porto, Portugal, Sailing, Viana do Castelo

Northern Portugal from Viana do Castelo to Lisboa. This is a long one.


OpenCPN in practice

Computers, OpenCPN, Sailing

What our OpenCPN chartplotter setup looks and works like.


Escaping Spain

Baiona, Barra, Portugal, Sailing, Spain, Viana do Castelo

Our last stop in Spain. And first stop in Portugal!


Fiesta del Agua, Vilagarcia

Fiesta del Agua, Sailing, Spain, Vilagarcia

Turns out sailing isn't the only way to get wet and sleep deprived.


Rias Bajas

Boiro, Corrubedo, Muros, Rias Bajas, Sailing, Spain

We visit sandy beaches, awesome anchorages, less awesome ones and Hiper China.


Nanobaro NMEA barometer

Arduino, Barograph, Barometer, Electronics, Hack, NMEA

A simple boaty hack for a very easy to build digital barometer with NMEA 0183 output. Also reports temperature.


Rias Altas

Muxía, Rias Altas, Sailing, Spain

A fountain in the heads and getting stuck far too long in Muxía.


Spanish Rias, A Coruña

A Coruña, Cedeira, Corme, Rias Altas, Sailing, Spain

We explore some Spanish Rias and some tapas madness.


The Bay of Biscay

Biscay, Falmouth, Galicia, Passage, Sailing, Spain

We sail for four days straight across the Bay of Biscay.


The Isles of Scilly? Not really.

Anchor, Cornwall, Falmouth, Mullion Cove, Sailing, Scillies

We aim for the Scillies and end up back in Falmouth, with some adventures in between.



Falmouth, Repairs, Sailing

Preparations for Biscay and fresh burn scars.


Plymouth, Repairs and Upgrades

Plymouth, Repairs, Sailing

We stop in Plymouth for a few days to repair and resupply.


Catching up

Cherbourg, Portland, Sailing, Torquay, Weymouth

Where the hell we've been and what we've been up to since Cherbourg. Includes treehugging.



Cherbourg, Sailing

We boost around the corner into Cherbourgs Port Chantereyne, acquire some bread and fondle some nuclear missile launch tubes before scrubbing our own bottom.


Fécamp to Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

Anchorage, Sailing, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

We escape the swell in Fécamp and sail through the night to a nice quiet anchorage outside Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue.


Dieppe to Fécamp

Fécamp, Normandy, Sailing

We motor from Dieppe to Fécamp, find many merry fishermen and more french food.


Channel Crossing Brighton to Dieppe

Brighton, Channel, Dieppe, Sailing

Our first channel crossing and the real start of our cruising life.


Eastbourne Shakedown

Eastbourne, Sailing, Shakedown

Shakedown sail to Eastbourne.


Wanky Startups


Wanky Startup ideas.




Picking up blogging again. Probably.


FreeBSD and the Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple, FreeBSD, Hack

How to get a Apple USB SuperDrive to work with FreeBSD.


Starting Hydroponics


How to start with hydroponics, indoor gardening and growing your own food.


Skype is compromised - Replace it with ZRTP and OTR


How to replace Skype functionality with open source software and open protocols to regain privacy in instant messaging and voice/video chat.


Cisco 877 as ADSL modem


How to configure an old Cisco 877 as ADSL modem in PPPoE bridging mode. Retaining the ability to manage it over the network, of course.


iOS 7 UI is fucking terrible

Apple, iOS

How the iOS 7 UI is fucking terrible with a few handy examples.


Major PostgreSQL vulnerability

Security, SQL

PostgreSQL remote vulnerability warning.


Making Firefox behave on OS X

Apple, Web

Switching to Firefox without losing Safari's useful integration with OS X.


Drilling a new router

Hack, Hardware, Network

How I built my own router using an old Atom box, FreeBSD, a power drill and some Wifi parts.


FreeBSD images for Raspberry Pi

BSD, Hack, Raspberry Pi

Early disk images for FreeBSD on the Raspberry Pi.